Reclaim your vitality and femenine power through

simple and effective HOLISTIC practices


A 4-month ONLINE experience to embrace the WISE WILD WOMAN in you. 

Do you sound like this?

  • You are in your 40s or 50s feeling the effects of perimenopause or menopause and feel terrified of aging.

  • You feel the need to make substantial changes in your life and you do not know where to start. 

  • You are experiencing the physical effects of menopause (insomnia, vaginal dryness, weight gain, low libido, hot flashes, night sweats…) and you want to find holistic and sustainable ways to be at ease and happy in your body again.

  • You are on an emotional roller-coaster and you do not know how to get off. 

  • You feel disconnected from your purpose in life and long for your soul expression and create your legacy

  • You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed for no reason and find it challenging to stick to your mission and life work with energy and enthusiasm.

  • You feel the calling to prepare for menopause to be a sacred transformational time.

I am Susana

I get your desire to feel at ease in your body, to keep your vitality as you age, to be able to rest and feel relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally, and to keep the enthusiasm and alignment to your mission and life’s calling. 

I don’t believe perimenopause and menopause should be a blockage to any of that. All the opposite. It is the magical time to distilled your life’s wisdom.

I am 54 years old. I had menopause when I was 47. After years of struggling with body issues, I was finally at ease in my body. Menopause came by surprise during a very challenging time in my life. Among many other things I had to make peace with my body and its changes once again and so, I decided to use all the tools I had to fully honor this sacred transition.

Through Coaching, Astrology, Yoga and other transformational techniques, I have helped hundreds of women in over 10 countries to connect with their inner power and wisdom and manifest a more meaningful life. 

Imagine if you could…

  • Live in a body full of vitality and with a sense of ease and relaxation.

  • Have long nights of sleep and rest that nourish you. 

  • Be connected with your sexual energy in a more conscious and powerful way so you live with confidence and joy. 

  • Learn to use your feminine creative energy to manifest YOUR dreams.

  • Embody your soul journey so you feel alive and fulfilled.

  • Enjoy life after 40s and 50s as the wise woman that you are, leaving your unique legacy. 

  • Feed your soul with enriching relationships and experiences.

You could continue to struggle through the highs and lows of this phase of life, searching on your own for information to ease your symptoms and improve your quality of life…

Or you could work with me. 

I have distilled the wisdom from many different disciplines into a holistic course that will give you the tools to thrive during menopause.


A 4-month ONLINE experience to embrace the WISE WILD WOMAN in you. 









Different Resources & Traditions

Coaching, Yoga, Astrology, Taoism and sacred sexuality, Emotional Healing, Mindset and Manifestation Techniques, Mythic Consciousness, Yoga Philosophy, Subtle Energy Practices, Nutrition, Essential Oils

Downloadable audios & pdfs

 44 lessons in audio and/or pdf that you can download and keep forever 


You can access it from anywhere in the world.  

Private Facebook Community

Our online community of thriving women directly supported by  Susana. Because community is a big part of women healing and transformation. 

OPTIONAL one on one sessions

4 or 8 private sessions with Susana in the upgraded option COACHING. Astrological Coaching, Energy and Emotional Healing. 

Pre-recorded content

4 monthly modules consisting of 11 lessons each that will guide you in a powerful transformation journey.  About 15 hours of recorded content. 

Group coaching calls

One of the ways to receive direct support from Susana. 6 group coaching sessions per month (24 calls total) to deepen into practices and content, to receive more tools, to share experiences and to ask questions. Sessions will be recorded and  accesible in the school platform.

PLUS these 3 bonusES…

A Jade Egg

It will become your closest companion.

A Comprehensive Hair Test Analysis

And a homeopathic remedy specifically made for you.

3 FREE Months 13 Moons - 13 Mudras

My online New Moon monthly women circle and more… if you are among the 10 first women to sign up. 

Inside Alchemy


MINDSET. A shift of perspective.

Transform your vision of menopause and start receiving the treasures of this phase of your life.

Feel at ease in your body again enjoying living in a relaxed nervous system.

Move from fear to confidence and excitement.

The wise woman archetype.


DANCING WITH YOUR SHADOW. A deep inner journey.

Bring awareness to the emotions and beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting the life that you desire and HEAL them

Receive the wisdom from myths and arquetypes.

Contemplate the shadow of the feminine.


EMBRACING YOUR POWER. Shakti practices.

    Learn subtle energy practices that can change the levels of energy in your day to day life.

    Practices for strength & inner power. 

    Specific supplements for this phase of life. 

    The wild woman archetype.


    BLOSSOMING. Expressing your inner beauty.

    Re-connect with your vitality so you feel young and vibrant again. 

    Celebrate your life and your body as sacred.

    Women allies & natural remedies.

    What people says about ALCHEMY

    A fantastic journey of self-knowledge. I totally recommend it

    «A transformative journey. As you move through the course there is a transformation, an expansion, a paradigm and perception change that manifests in your life. 

    Susana´s teachings are full or magic and embodied wisdom. Totally recommended»


    Interior Designer

    What people says about ALCHEMY

    An eagle view of my mission map through the personal coaching session.


    «Through Alchemy, and specially through the personal coaching sessions, I am having an eagle view of my mission map. Everything makes more sense now.  I am connecting with my highest potential as a woman at the same time that I embrace the masculine.«


    Lawyer. Life and spirit researcher.

    What people say about ALCHEMY

    My confidence increased and I connected with my feminine energy.


    «I always felt the need to prepare for the changes that happen as we enter into the 40s. Alchemy has been a beautiful and powerful journey towards reconnecting with the feminine energy and with the warrioress in me, supported by Susana´s experience and knowledge.«


    Yoga Teacher & Mom

    What people say about ALCHEMY.

    Simple but powerful practices that anchor and support me through changes and unexpected events.


    «This course has been very important for me. When my depressive tendencies show up, the practices help me reconnecting with my confidence and trust in life. I am really grateful to Susana.«


    Retired School Teacher & Yoga Teacher

    What people say about ALCHEMY

    I learnt that I am responsible to act towards my desires.


    «Alchemy gave me tools to understand the woman I am. One realisation was how I am responsible for my life and for acting towards my desires.«


    Yoga Teacher

    Frequent asked questions

    Is this program for me if I am in perimenopause?

    Yes! This is the best time to start this work as hormonal, physical  and emotional changes start in perimenopause. The full program is design to make this life phase easier.

    Is this program for me if I am in post-menopause?

    Yes. It is never too late to introduce changes in our life that can fully improve our experience. 

    Is this program for me if I am in my 40s?

    Totally yes. Many women that took this program were in their 40s and they experienced many positive life changes.

    How much support will I get?

    You get direct support from Susana in the 6 monthly live calls, and daily through the Facebook group (except weekends). There is an upgraded option with individual Coaching and more personalised support from her.

    What if I miss a session? Will the calls be recorded?

    All live sessions will be recorded. You will be able to access it in the school platform.

    What happens when the program ends? Will I have access to it?

    All the pre-recorded content is downloadable in form of audios or pdfs so it is yours forever.

    What is the time investment for this course?

    This is a lifetime journey. And you can take it at your own rythm.  If you follow the pace of the course, every month there are around 2 and a half hours of recorded video content plus a recorded yoga class.

    There are 6 live one-hour group coaching sessions per month.

    Then you choose how much time you want to put into the micro-practices that are designed to integrate easily into your daily life.

    I am beginner in everything related to wellness and personal growth. Will this course be too advanced for me?

    No. The course is designed so you will get what you need.  And, as you will have the videos & pdfs forever, you can always revisit for new understandings as you grow in the path. And I will be here to support you all the way through. 

    I have done many courses of personal growth and yoga, and I do not get the desire results because I do not put it into practice. How the impact of this course will be different?

    (1) To be in a coaching container will keep you in the flow of the energy of transformation.

    (2) We will work in creating changes in your nervous system that translate into daily life changes and new vitality.

    (3) We will do practices to clean old stuck patterns and then, manifestation practices from your new beliefs.

    (4) This combination together creates a multidimensional effect that brings life changing results. 

    What if I never practiced yoga before?

    There are 4 pre-recorded yoga classes in this course,  that evolve from more gentle to a bit more advanced but they are designed for all levels.  In any case, these classes are just a small part of the program and are totally optional.